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About the Emilio Paoletti Library

This library was conceived in memory of Emilio Paoletti’s numismatic work, and to honor one of his greatest legacies: that of learning to share and sharing to continue the learning journey. For Emilio, knowledge grows and is enriched when it represents both a personal and collective achievement, when it is thought in dialogue with the community, that same community with whom advances and new discoveries will be celebrated. For this purpose, and with the desire to see his generous spirit multiply, this digital library makes his books and the publications of Fenyma’s congresses available online, so that anyone interested in numismatic research could access and consult them. We also hope that this initiative will encourage other researchers in the field to share their seminal works in numismatics.

The library’s current content is the result of a collaboration between Jorge Madonna, former President of FENYMA, and Maria Alessandra Paoletti, an academic, with the expert assistance of Christian Nicholas Woolson, Emilio's grandson, in the construction of the digital site.